postheadericon Can Saliva Drug Tests Be Beaten?

As the continuous development and advancements of drug testing to be unbeatable increase, so is the continuous development of drug users in creating ways of beating it. Beating a test developed and thought to be perfected by medical experts and lab officials is not an easy task for a regular drug user but as the saying goes nothing is perfect and that everything has its own weakness.
Saliva Drug Test For this particular test, room for errors or late planning and preparation is unacceptable. Saliva drug tests are done on the spot with no privacy in specimen collection thus eliminating possibility of masking or substituting techniques. This implies that all preparations should be done at home weeks prior to taking the test. Though it is the easiest test to beat compared to the other four testing methods does not mean that you will be able to beat it easily. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Pass the drug test with a powerful natural agent

Drug test are conducted by some organizations to check for the integrity of their staffs or potential staffs as regards the use f drugs but you can pass he drug test through natural solutions or ingredients . Many of such natural solutions are designed for lightweight users and there are also solutions for heavyweight users, you weight may also determine the dosage you will receive , this is determined by whether your weight is more than 200 lbs or less than that.
Pass a Drug Test
The premium detox natural agent is designed to purify the saliva, blood and the urinary tract especially from toxins such as ; amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine , and alcohol.
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postheadericon Did the CIA Help Bring Drugs Into America?

There is strong evidence to support the idea that the American CIA helped to bring drugs into the country in an effort to support anti-communist rebels in Central America. The American Central Intelligence Agency has been involved in the War on Drugs since its inception under Nixon. The CIA, along with the Drug Enforcement Administration, has run numerous operations in Latin America.


Drug Test in USA The most famous of these is the killing of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in Columbia. Another famous CIA operation of the era is known today as the Iran-Contra affair. The Contras were fighting the communist Sandinista rebels in Nicaragua. In the 1980’s, former DEA agent Celerino Castillo accused the DEA and the CIA of using American C-130 aircraft to fly cocaine into the United States. Investigative journalist Garry Webb put Castillo’s testimony together with government documents and came to the conclusion that the American CIA was behind the 1980’s crack epidemic. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Avoiding Drug Tests

The rapidly increasing reports of drug abuse have lead scientists and government officials to take extreme measures in resolving this fast spreading problem which is faced by almost every part of the world. Drug testing have been legalized and implemented for almost 30 years now, it is an important test to pass if you are planning on applying for a job or if you want to join a sport.

Avoid Drug Test

These are things you won’t do if you are avoiding participation in drug testing, avoiding these events may also be a disadvantage for you since some are essential for daily living.

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postheadericon Beat a Marijuana Drug Test

Marijuana is a drug which is easily available. Hence the most common way for drug abuse is by taking marijuana. Drug tests to detect the presence of marijuana help one to know its presence within minutes. The detection of marijuana depends on weight, drug tolerance levels, metabolic rate, gender, age and overall health of the person on whom the test is conducted.


Beat a Marijuana Drug Test

There are many different tests which can be conducted to detect the presence of marijuana. These are urine test, blood test, hair test and saliva drug test. The most common way to test the detection of marijuana is through urine test. Use of marijuana can be detected even weeks after consumption and the tests results are fairly accurate. In this kind of drug test, the kit looks for the presence of a substance called metabolite. After smoking this drug, metabolite flows in the blood stream. The test is positive when it can detect the presence of at least 50 millilitres or more of metabolite in the blood stream. Some marijuana urine tests even keep the standard level for presence of metabolite less than 50 millilitres.

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postheadericon Pass hair drug test- Answers to some drug test questions

Pass Hair Drug Test
When it comes to searching for a way to pass hair drug test, there are some questions that needs to be answered especially as drug hair testing is concerned. One question that most people will like to have answered to is How soon will a drug be detected after ingestion? The answer to this is 4-5 days; this is actually the average number of days it will take for drug used in the body to reach the scalp and the surface of the hair.
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